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Winning Employee Engagement Strategies

If you asked leaders of large organizations to describe their ideal culture, you would most likely hear the word “engagement” in their response. Whether they view engagement as a step toward a better culture, a desired characteristic of it or the leader’s role in cultural development, many feel the urgency of getting their workers engaged and are looking for the best ways to make it happen.

A search for winning employee engagement strategies led me to Monica Panetta, Director of Human Resources at Genomind, a personalized medicine company advancing mental healthcare through genetic testing. I recently talked to her about the reasons they were recognized by Modern Healthcare Magazine as one of the Top 100 Places to Work in Healthcare.

To start, I asked her what steps Genomind was taking to build a workplace culture of employee engagement. She explained that rather than use the word culture they instead focus on the company’s mission. She pointed out that what attracts employees to work at Genomind is that they believe in its mission which is to work as “a consultative partner to our customers by bringing personalized treatment to mental health care through genetic testing.” Monica cites employee passion for their work as a key factor in Genomind’s employee engagement levels. One quote that guides her approach to human resources is: “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress. Working hard for something we love is called passion.”

Genomind begins its engagement with employees during the onboarding process which includes an orientation focused on relating one-on-one with the members of the management team. New employees take part in a discussion of “table topics” sharing their thoughts on various experiential questions with the management team. There is even “gamification” of the process which features “Genomind Jeopardy,” a fun and engaging way to answer questions about the company’s mission and process.

On an ongoing basis, each employee is encouraged to provide individualized responses to various surveys about how things can be improved. The employees know they have a voice in the company as they receive feedback letting them know they are heard. The company also rotates mid-level, management-led monthly lunch and learns to promote various topics. In addition, they provide a paid volunteer day to encourage community involvement.

Monica explained, “At Genomind, we do personalized medicine, and I do personalized human resources, not a one-sized fits all approach.” Genomind’s objective is to create a winning environment and exhibit the company’s core values. The mission-mindedness of the employees is based on the work they do which is all about seeing people get better by utilizing the Genecept Assay®, a genetic test designed to help clinicians optimize treatment decisions for their patients with mental illness.

As demonstrated at Genomind, organizations whose employees strongly believe in the mission, feel they firmly belong and are able to creatively contribute to improvement efforts have an operational advantage. Does your business need to improve employee engagement? A trusted advisor like those at Univest Insurance and our HR consulting practice can provide comprehensive planning. Please feel free to give me a call at 610.966.1315 to discuss implementing practices that contribute to winning employee engagement strategy.

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