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Risky Business – Does Your Broker Speak Straight?

For 15 years, I was the president and owner of a gourmet dog treat manufacturing company. I know firsthand that the demands of running a business can make dealing with insurance low on the list of priorities. While businesses know it is a necessity, most do not spend much time on securing business insurance. I know for me, when it was time for my annual review it was often difficult to even locate a copy of my policy.

My experience as a business owner has been very helpful in dealing with my current clients and prospects. The mistakes I made as it related to dealing with my business insurance and my broker now guide my process. Back then I did not understand how business insurance differs from other purchases.

I have found that most business owners operate like I did – business insurance is not a top priority. The truth is, many do not fully understand all of the aspects that go into getting a policy, from price comparisons to underlying coverage. This makes it imperative that insurance consultants not only listen intently, but also speak boldly to help business owners understand their risks and illustrate how their needs can be met.

Today, I see it as my job to educate clients on the risk facing their business, as well as informing them of our process. For us, the Univest Way, a set of fundamentals, guide us from our initial consultation to our final review process. One of those fundamentals that I find is a key component of the process, and often the hardest part, is to “Speak Straight” when that means challenging a client’s current view. Recently I challenged a potential client on what would be best for his business. I really didn’t want to, but after I was finished he said, “I have been in business for 25 years and you are the first broker to ever tell me that.”

It is interesting to see what can happen when you speak straight and challenge an old approach with a new and better way. I have seen old ways of understanding changed which allows clients to implement the best possible service plan for the business.

This is the Univest Way, we speak straight while providing solutions and exceptional service. It’s how we do business. To have a conversation about your business risk and how our process can serve you, please contact me at or call at 215-206-2120.


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