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Using Culture to Drive Business Success

At Univest, we highly value our culture and truly believe it drives performance. We also realize that culture isn’t something that just happens – it has to be defined and cultivated.

Last year, we introduced “The Univest Way” – the brand for our cultural fundamentals. The Univest Way consists of 18 fundamentals that describe the daily principles and practices that make our five core values come to life and truly serves as the foundation of our culture. By incorporating The Univest Way into our daily business practices, we are cultivating a high-performing culture that drives performance and encourages our employees to work together to serve our customers and communities while remaining focused on carrying out our core values. We firmly believe that an engaged workforce who follows a common set of fundamental behaviors creates success.

When we launched the Univest Way in 2018, we provided culture-focused training to each of our more than 840 employees. We continue to reinforce our commitment to the fundamentals that make up the Univest Way with emails that go out each Monday morning highlighting the fundamental of the week. Various members of the Univest family provide their insight on what that particular fundamental means to them. We don’t stop there – on Wednesday, a follow-up email goes out with a “quiz” relating to a real-life example of how that week’s fundamental can be implemented. Our commitment to these fundamentals is a means for us to hold one another accountable while also motivating us to be part of the collective whole and achieve high-performing success. It is our culture that differentiates us, drives our continued success and helps us attract and retain top talent.

One of my favorite fundamentals is “Celebrate Success.” The Univest Way asserts that “recognizing people doing things right is more effective than pointing out when they do things wrong. Regularly extend meaningful acknowledgment and appreciation.” Celebrating success is about choosing to see the best in others. Choose to see what makes them amazing. Let them know the amazing things you see. Play to your team’s strengths and everyone wins.

In the words of Dale Carnegie, “People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.” Two of the most basic human desires are validation and appreciation — we need to feel like we matter. People want to feel appreciated, respected and included. One of our cultural engagement strategies at Univest is to publicly acknowledge fellow team members through an online recognition system known as “You Earned It.” This social media-like platform is a great forum to acknowledge colleagues not just with words, but also with recognition points that can be redeemed for things like gift cards or charitable donations.

What is your company’s culture and engagement strategy? The employers who embrace the power of celebrating success and have strategies in place to communicate their culture and promote employee engagement will be in the best position going forward.

An experienced employee benefits consulting firm like the team at Univest Insurance can identify which strategies are best for your company and create a roadmap to implementing them successfully. To have a conversation to help you determine the best approach, please contact us at 610.966.1315 or


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