Financial Tips

Don’t Become a Victim of Fraud

Have you ever been scammed or been a victim of fraud? According to a recent study, approximately 39 million Americans were victims last year. There are many different types of fraud such as account fraud, wire fraud, ACH fraud, ATM fraud, email fraud, mail fraud, phishing and vishing scams.

In a lot of cases, it’s impossible to know who the fraudsters are or where they are located. It is imperative that you take precautions to safeguard yourself. Here are some tips to help ensure that you are better protected and better equipped to mitigate your risks.

  • Be diligent monitoring accounts. Review your account activity daily. Consider setting up account alerts to help you stay informed. A small ACH debit posted to your account could be a test to see if it is a valid account number and may be fraud. Contact your bank immediately to verify and potentially stop a larger ACH debit from occurring. Also consider enrolling in e Not having your statement sent through the mail can help prevent someone from stealing your information from your mailbox. Enrolling in Bill Pay is another great option to help avoid mail fraud.
  • Be disciplined online. Do not open attachments or click links in emails from an unknown source. Misspellings or incomplete sentences can be signs that an email might be fraudulent. Keep your computers updated with anti-virus software from a known and trusted source. Don’t share passwords or allow someone remote access to your computer.
  • Be skeptical. If you’re presented with something that sounds too good to be true, assume it’s too good to be true so you don’t become a victim! Don’t fall victim to a scammer pressuring you for information, or to do something against your will.
  • Beware of skimming devices. Fraudsters can skim your information from ATMs or anywhere you swipe your card to make a payment such as a gas pump. Skimming devices can be placed on or near the ATM and include thin keypad overlays, cameras and a device that goes over the card reader. Often, these are not easily identified. If you see something suspicious, do not proceed and report your concern to the police. In addition, if it is a Univest ATM, call 877.723.5571 immediately.

Don’t become the next fraud victim! At Univest, we’re dedicated to protecting you and your accounts. If you want to set-up online or mobile banking or any of the tools mentioned in this article, contact us at 877-723-5571 so we can help!

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