VlDEOS: Univest Educational Giving

Univest Financial is proud to support educational organizations in each of the counties it serves. One way it provides support is through the Pennsylvania Educational …Read More

If a Tree Falls, Who Pays?

This year’s weather has wreaked havoc on trees. So, if a tree does come down on your property, who is responsible for the cost of …Read More

Three Things to Consider Before Selling a Stock

When market volatility strikes, we often get questions from clients about selling a stock that may have taken a big hit. Investing can test our …Read More

Business Owners – You NEED a Succession Plan

Time passes so quickly. It won’t be long before many of us “baby boomers’ will have to consider the next transition in our careers. In …Read More

Get Organized! A Checklist for HR Professionals

It’s easy for HR professionals to get caught up in managing the day-to-day action items and overlook some of the routine maintenance necessary. Over time, …Read More

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