Welcome Shannon Murphy

Get to know Shannon: Name: Shannon Murphy Current title: Employee Benefits Consultant at Univest Insurance, LLC What is your specialty or area of focus? My …Read More

Welcome Marc Balcer, CFA®

Get to know Marc: Name: Marc Balcer Current title: Senior Vice President and Director, Investment Strategy, Girard, a Univest Wealth Division What is your specialty …Read More

Utilizing Asset-Based Lending to Support Business Growth

Challenging business conditions over the past eighteen months serve as a reminder that businesses often encounter economic adversity. Sometimes that adversity is associated with a …Read More

Is Your Small Business Accounting for Inflation?

Inflation is top-of-mind for many Americans, including business owners. Small or privately-held businesses currently make up more than 99% of companies in the U.S. and …Read More

5 Tips to Wisely Manage Credit

Having a respectable credit score is key to many financial decisions that affect your overall purchasing power. Here are five tips to help you wisely …Read More

Four Reasons to Stay Local for Your Home Loan

I am often asked why to use a local bank instead of one of the larger national lenders. Well, there are several reasons: Flexibility. The …Read More

Saving for all of Life’s Joys

Today, more than ever, people are re-evaluating what brings them joy. The pandemic has led many people to rethink their work schedules, childcare arrangements and …Read More

Don’t Become a Victim of Fraud

Have you ever been scammed or been a victim of fraud? According to a recent study, approximately 39 million Americans were victims last year. There …Read More

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