Revamp Your Broken Financial New Year Resolution

It’s no secret that many well-intended New Year’s resolutions fail after a few weeks of diligence. People often resolve to improve their finances at the …Read More

Insight on Market Volatility

After an exceptionally strong start to the year fueled by above-trend global economic and corporate earnings growth, the S&P 500 finished January with a 5.6% …Read More

Suddenly Wealthy? How to Manage a Financial Windfall

As the Winter Olympics approach, it’s become top of mind that the athletes participating in the Games are hitting the peak of their careers at …Read More

Tips to Build Your Savings

Do you want to save more money this year? The first step to starting to save is to figure out how much you spend. To …Read More

Servant Leadership for Business Success

Leadership is a hot topic in the business world. Many keynote speakers and books focus on helping leaders learn how to be the best they …Read More

IRS Audit – Is Your Business ACA Compliant?

Henry Ford once said, “quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” The same applies for your business in matters of compliance. With …Read More

$12,000 Raised to Support Hurricane Relief

Univest Corporation, parent company of Univest Bank and Trust Co. and its insurance, investment and equipment finance subsidiaries, recently donated $12,000 to the American Red …Read More

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