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Four Small Changes That Can Have a Big Impact on Retirement Planning

As I scrolled through some of the leading financial publications recently, I noticed that many reporters are covering the news of retirement “unpreparedness” – sharing surveys, anecdotes and detailing the “dire” situation that Americans are facing.

However, when it comes to proper financial planning, it’s not these kind of scare tactics that will get individuals and couples on track. Rather, simple and actionable goals need to be implemented to increase the probability of success for financial plans, and in turn, retirement goals. Below, I outline small changes to weave into your lifestyle, and easy strategies to consider.

  1. Realign wants vs….

Remember your BANK when Packing for Vacation

Summer has officially arrived and many are headed off to enjoy a relaxing vacation. With all the convenient ways to conduct your banking, taking care of your finances while you are on vacation can be relaxing too. Below are a few tips I recommend to clients when they prepare for some time away.

Mobile Banking – Bank anytime and anywhere. Mobile banking is the convenient way to view and manage your accounts. You could be sitting by the water watching the waves and with a few simple clicks you can have peace of mind by accessing your account from…

Who Should You Name as Fiduciary of Your Estate Plan?

The concept of “estate planning” is more than simply determining what family member may “inherit” a coin collection or ensuring that whatever money may be remaining after your death is split evenly among your children. It is much more complex; requiring both education and professional legal assistance to do properly.

While this article is not meant to provide a comprehensive examination of all the different types of estate planning documents or provide any sort of legal advice, it is meant to provide some insight and education from my experience as an attorney and trust officer so you can make your…

Ladies, Are You Properly Preparing for Retirement?

There are many unknown variables when planning for retirement, and even high-net-worth couples often feel overwhelmed when discussing their financial future. However, women face particular challenges – on average they live five years longer than men, requiring more assets to sustain those extra years of expenses. Women also face other challenges – many are still paid less over the course of their careers than their male counterparts and women are out of the work force for an average of 12 years to care for children and aging parents.

With all these factors, it is even more critical for women…

Five Money Moves to Make This Summer

This time of year, the warmer temps have us dreaming of and planning for summer vacations which can distract us from financial matters. However, instead of delaying the inevitable there are some key things to put on your financial to-do list to help position yourself better for the future.

Tackle these things now so you can truly relax this summer.

Adjust Tax Withholding: If you received a tax refund of $1,000 or more you should consider adjusting your withholding. If you do not anticipate any significant changes to your situation it may make sense to change your withholding so that you…

Tips to Tackle Home Improvements this Spring

We spend several months trapped inside during the winter months due to weather and shortened daylight hours. With so much time on our hands stuck inside we often evaluate everything around our home we would like to fix or improve. Well, the time has come. Spring is here and there is no better time to begin planning your home improvements. Here are few steps to get you started:

Create a budget – Take an honest look at your finances to determine how much you can afford to spend on home improvements right now. Knowing your budget in advance can help…

Revamp Your Broken Financial New Year Resolution

It’s no secret that many well-intended New Year’s resolutions fail after a few weeks of diligence. People often resolve to improve their finances at the start of the New Year and set lofty goals. However, it can be hard to stay inspired to stick with your changes when significant progress isn’t made. While not seeing an instant benefit as you tackle long-term goals is common, research shows that having an immediate reward can actually help to reach those goals.

If you’ve already broken your financial New Year’s resolution, you can get back on track. There’s still plenty of time…

Suddenly Wealthy? How to Manage a Financial Windfall

As the Winter Olympics approach, it’s become top of mind that the athletes participating in the Games are hitting the peak of their careers at a young age. For many, their sport is their career, and through endorsements and partnerships, they can make a great deal of money early on in life. For example, 33-year-old Olympic ski racer, Lindsey Vonn, already has a net worth of $3 million, according to Forbes.  Whether it’s an Olympic athlete, NBA draft pick, pop star or a professional with high earnings, it is important to equip those who are young and successful to…

Tips to Build Your Savings

Do you want to save more money this year? The first step to starting to save is to figure out how much you spend. To get a snapshot of where your hard-earned money is being spent, keep track of all your expenses for a month. In addition to obvious large expenses like your rent or mortgage payment and utilities, don’t forget to track every latte, magazine and pair of shoes you buy.

Once you know where you are spending your money, organize your expenses into a budget. Creating a budget will outline how your expenses measure up to your income…

Don’t Let a Holiday Debt Hangover Linger for Months

Guest Blogger: Cait Klein, NerdWalletSmall-arrow-for-disclosure

If you got carried away this year with the holiday spending, you likely are in the throes of a financial hangover. This nasty ailment can cause headaches and last for months, if not longer. But there is a cure. Here are five steps to get over it:

1.  Take a look in the mirror: The first step is facing the facts—you can’t simply look the other way when it comes to holiday debt

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