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Don’t Let History Derail Your Financial Future

The Great Recession had an enormous impact on our economy and while we’ve made strides since the downturn, there is one group that continues to feel the effects of this event. 56 percent of millennials report their investment decisions are strongly influenced by 2007-2008, according to a 2017 Legg Mason Global Investing Study. This was the first major pullback that this generation lived through, and it’s impacting their investment decisions today.

However, one recession shouldn’t drive future investment decisions. Investing, and starting early, is essential to securing one’s financial future. There are a few things millennials should focus on…

2017 Investing Outlook

Summer is always a good time to pause and get a sense of where the market stands and where it’s going. Therefore, we’d like to provide you with a brief mid-year update. At a glance, our outlook for 2017 is positive. Drilling down by sector, it’s no surprise that technology has stolen the show. I recently spoke with Reuters on this, noting that despite some apprehension about stretched valuations, we expect the tech sector to provide double-digit growth in the second quarter.

While the tech industry’s growth excites us, we do not simply rely on one over-performing sector to…

Should Estate Planning Be a Family Affair?

Over the last few years, there have been quite a few headlines that have brought estate planning to the forefront. Remember the unfortunate situations with Prince, Robin Williams or even James Gandolfini – when they passed they did not have solid estate plans in place, which inevitably led to a nightmare for their loved ones who were left to deal with lengthy legal battles and familial disputes. Below, we take a look at a couple of reasons why these plans are usually overlooked, and best practices that not only individuals should consider, but entire families as…

Parents: Tips to Prepare Your Grad for the Financial “Real World”

It’s graduation season which means that many young adults are getting ready to enter the “real world.” This is an exciting time, however, recently it’s become apparent that this younger generation can be unrealistic about how much life really costs. While many of us were forced to jump in and figure it out, there has been a cultural shift and we are seeing many of today’s parents continue to take care of their children financially even as they enter adulthood.

While none of us wants to watch our children suffer, prolonged financial support is NOT helping them in the long…

The Benefits of Working with a Millennial Financial Advisor

As our industry sees the average age of a financial advisor rising, it is important to cultivate the next generation. At Univest, we make it a priority to attract younger, diversified talent and are lucky to have a strong team of millennials who are poised to serve clients well into the future. Beyond longevity, there are a number of benefits for clients when they work closely with a millennial financial advisor. This generation of advisors tend to have a strong preference for technology, a unique motivation to help clients succeed over the long-term and, given their penchant to…

Millennials & Mentoring: The Importance of Workplace Connections

For part two of our three-part series on millennial financial advisors, I asked our “next generation” of advisors the importance of mentorship which is a career element that seems especially significant to millennials. My team weighed in on how relationship-building with more experienced colleagues has begun to shape their careers and how a strong mentorship can propel a young advisor forward in today’s industry. 

Nathan Rosenberg, wealth advisor associate
Muay Thai kickboxer, rock climber, attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania

How can a mentorship impact a young advisor’s success?

It is one of the most…

Financial Services as a Career? Insight from Millennial Advisors

It’s no secret the financial services sector is an aging industry. According to industry reports and analysts, there are currently more financial professionals aged 70 and older than there are younger than 30. The inclusion of millennials into the financial sector is critical – both from a succession planning standpoint and because this unique generation offers a strategic relationship-building opportunity with young investors and clients over the long-term.

I checked-in with some of the millennial professionals here at Univest Wealth Management. Over the course of a three-part series on our blog, we’ll hear their opinion on a variety…

How March Madness Can Guide Your Investment Strategy

Picking the right investment strategy to meet your financial goals may seem as challenging as predicting which team will win the annual NCAA tournament. However, there are a few ways that picking an accurate March Madness bracket parallels a successful investing strategy. Here are a few tips to keep in mind:

Look for a solid coach. A good way to successfully create a bracket is by selecting teams that have a coach with a solid track record. This is also true for your investment strategy – set yourself up for success by working with a qualified, experienced investment advisor.

Think about…

The Benefits of a Unitrust

Some estate plans feature a trust under will that is created to provide an individual with a steady stream of money and, upon the death of that individual, distribute what is left in the trust to another individual. For example, a husband, in his will, may want to create a trust to provide his second wife with periodic payments for the rest of her life and, at her death, have whatever is left in the trust distributed to his children from his first marriage. A historically common way to do this is to instruct the trustee to pay the…

‘Tis the Season… To Evaluate Your Investments

As the end of the year approaches, everyone is busy prepping for the holiday season. It’s a celebratory time of the year to enjoy with family and friends. It is also a good time of the year to evaluate your investments to see if there are any changes that you can make to help ease your tax liability come April. Here are some year-end tax-tips to consider*:

Consider tax-loss harvesting. If you have a security in your portfolio that may be at a loss from the original amount purchased, consider selling it to “harvest” the loss. This loss can be…

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