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Use Your Smartphone For a Financial Advantage

The Information Age has altered the landscape of our financial world bringing with it the boundless expansion of mobile device capabilities which are readily available at our fingertips. As smartphone technology becomes an even bigger part of our day-to-day lives, it is important to know how to take advantage of the financial abilities these tools grants us.

Whether it’s tracking your spending to operate within a realistic budget or scouring for sales promotions and coupons, classic saving tactics are made easier when properly utilizing your smartphone. With sound savings habits in place, you may have additional funds available to invest with the potential to build wealth.

Below are simple tips and tricks to start saving money by effectively using your smart phone:

  • Follow a budget by tracking transactions – Thanks to online banking applications, all purchases you make on debit or credit cards are immediately updated to your transaction history which can be viewed through your smartphone. This allows you to view your real time account balances and up-to-date purchases making it easy to follow a budget. There are also apps that help you create personalized guidelines that help you live within your means and even save a little extra money.
  • Find coupons and competitive pricing – You no longer have to rifle through newspaper back pages and magazines to find coupons to the grocery store. With dozens of apps that instantly display deals covering everything from groceries, retail, restaurants and more, you can find savings just about anywhere you shop right on your phone. Even if discounts seem to be minimal on individual purchases, it certainly adds up over time and is a great way to put some “free money” aside for your future.
  • Make monthly payments on loans & mortgages – To stay on track with your financial goals, it is imperative to stay ahead of any payments such as your mortgage and student loans. Your phone makes it easy to view and process payments that need to be made anytime and anywhere it is convenient to you. Online and mobile bill pay saves both time and money while ensuring you don’t get behind.

Whether you are a recent college grad or about to settle into retirement, taking advantage of your smartphone’s capabilities can help you save so you can plan for life’s pivotal moments. You may want to consider working with a financial advisor  who may be able to help make your journey to financial security a little easier.


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