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Improve Business through Community Service

One of the reasons I was attracted to working for Univest is its dedication to the community. Not only does it make financial contributions, employees are strongly encouraged to give back to the community and are even rewarded with extra paid time off to do so.

Serving the community is the right thing to do and it also makes sense from a business standpoint. Companies that encourage community involvement reap many benefits:

  • More fulfilled employees. That fulfillment creates a sense of pride which spills into the work day.
  • Improved team building. Working outside of the office on a community service project can boost team morale which can lead to more collaboration back in the office.
  • Enhanced economic outlook. As we say at Univest, we are only as strong as the communities we serve. By contributing to local nonprofit organizations you can help improve the quality of life for the entire area.

Want to get your business involved in the communities it serves? Consider these approaches that work well at Univest:

  • Financial contributions – determine the areas of giving important to your business and find local nonprofits supporting those causes. You can also get employees involved by hosting internal fundraisers such as collecting donations for casual Fridays or raffling off lunch and a round of golf with executives.
  • Leadership – as a business owner you have a unique skill set, as do your employees. Put your area of expertise to work by serving on a nonprofit board or committee. Look for ways to add value to an already existing program, or create one of your own.
  • Volunteerism – consider encouraging employee volunteerism by setting a goal and tracking employee volunteer hours. At Univest we do this and proudly boast about our contribution – in 2015, our employees volunteered more than 17,600 hours! Your employees can collectively be proud of the number of hours given back to the communities where they work and live. They can be proud to work for an employer who encourages them to do so.

Getting involved in the community is a great way to improve employee morale and you can even include your family and customers in your efforts. With the added bonus that it may benefit the bottom line – it’s really a win-win for everyone!

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