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Offering Value to Our Customers

The key to keeping current clients is to continuously provide value. In addition, to secure new customers, you need to prove the worth of your product or service. Below are some effective and productive ways to offer value to customers and prospects.

Offer Multiple Product Options
Providing a diverse range of solutions allows you to serve a variety of customers and potentially serve the same customer in several ways throughout your relationship. For example, at Univest Capital we offer leasing, equipment finance agreements and working capital to meet a range of needs.

Educating both potential and current customers as well as vendors is key to long-term success. One great approach is to create an informative monthly email or newsletter that provides valuable information relevant to the market you are serving. Hosting seminars or webinars with industry experts can also serve as a great way to educate customers.

Utilize Promotions
Offering promotional terms or products can be a great way to secure new and repeat business. Limited-time offers provide urgency to closing a sale and provide value to the customer. A promotional offer that works well for Univest Capital is a deferral program that allows customers to generate revenue on a product before making their first payment.

These are several ideas that can help ensure a lasting relationship with your customers. Take some time to consider how you can provide additional value and both your customers and bottom line could reap the benefits.

Univest Capital Inc. is a subsidiary of Univest Bank and Trust Co. Equal Opportunity Lender.

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