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Q&A with Edwin Roman, SBA Relationship Manager

In honor of Small Business Week, Edwin Roman, Vice President and SBA Relationship Manager,
provided insight from his career working with local business owners. Check out the Q&A:

Tell us about your experience working with small businesses.
I’ve spent more than 20 years working with small business owners as a banker and as a board
member of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I truly enjoy and take pride in providing financing to small business owners to help them accomplish their goals. It’s special knowing that, with the support of Univest, I am able to play a small role in the success of the
small business.

What inspires you about small business owners?
There are so many things that inspire me about small business owners. First and foremost, is
their courage. It takes a special person to take the risk of starting, growing, and expanding a
small business. There are no guarantees of success, a paycheck or the ability to keep things
going. Small business owners are typically creative, resourceful, have an unmatched work ethic
and wear many different hats.

What is your approach to working with small business owners?
I’ve learned the importance of taking as much time as necessary to explain the lending process in
detail. I have also come to understand that small business owners are not looking for a “lender.”
They value working with someone who takes a sincere interest in learning the details about what
they do. They want to know that I am a trusted advisor who can help them make connections with
internal and external resources.

Why are small businesses so important?
I truly believe that small businesses are the backbone of this country and our economy. They
employ millions of Americans which allows people to build wealth, put children through college
and support their local communities. I’ve seen the United States serve as a beacon of hope for
many immigrants who have come to America penniless, but rich with hope, determination and
drive. Despite a lack of financial resources and oftentimes formal education, immigrants have
achieved success as small business owners. They are the proprietors of corner grocery stores
(bodegas), flower shops, tailors, dry cleaners, contracting companies, restaurants – the list goes
on and on. I respect, admire and celebrate all the small business owners of today, tomorrow and

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