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Small Business Owner and SBA Lender – Insight from Dan Yocum

President Franklin Roosevelt said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang
on!” That is so true for small business owners—they face risks head on, overcome
insurmountable obstacles and hustle every day to make their businesses successful. The
innovation and determination of small businesses is what drives our economy forward.

In my role as an SBA Lender at Univest, I get to work with some of the most inspiring small
businesses imaginable. These are people that took a concept, invested everything they had and
work hard every day to make their dreams into reality. These business owners don’t have an
accounting department, a legal team, a research & development lab – they do it all! Sometimes
that brings them to the end of their rope but they tie a knot and hang on!

Outside of my job at Univest, I am a small business owner myself. I can relate firsthand to the
blood, sweat, tears, late nights, early mornings, mental exhaustion and frustration that can come
with owning your own business. I know what it feels like to be at the end your rope and hanging
on! Yet only a small business owner can understand the feeling of true hard-earned success
that make the rest all worth it. I think my experience of owning my own business helps me relate
to small business customers from a banking perspective. They don’t want to hear lofty
underwriting concepts and credit decisions. My favorite thing about working with small
businesses is the ability to bridge the gap between “banker talk” and the critical information that
small business owners need to know for a successful financial conversation and a fruitful longterm
banking relationship.

Additionally, I have the honor of serving as Mayor of Souderton and with that I also get to work
with small businesses from another different perspective. It is cliché for an elected official to say
that small businesses are the backbone of the economy, but on Main Street America it is
genuinely true. These are the people that are sponsoring your Little League team and serving
on your Chamber of Commerce board. They stay open a little later because they know you are
running behind and they cut you a break sometimes because they are your friend and neighbor.

National Small Business Week is a great reminder to give your support back to these neighbors.
Shop local and support small businesses!

Univest Bank and Trust Co. is Member FDIC, Equal Opportunity and SBA Preferred Lender.