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Businesses – Save with Section 179

If you’re looking to acquire equipment in the near future or are a supplier looking to save your customers money, act now and save with Section 179. Utilizing Section 179 could have a significant impact on the effective after tax cost of equipment/software purchased and put into service in 2018.*

  • Covers new and used equipment/software^
  • Maximum deduction limit of $1,000,000

Take the full tax benefit now and spread your expense over a multi-year financing term to considerably reduce your true cost of ownership. For a limited time only, you can stack your deductions with our ‘No Pay Till Tax Day’…

7 Tips to Turn Activity Into Productivity

In today’s complex world with so many demands on your time, it’s critical to know where to focus your sales efforts. Calling prospects, emailing, “snail mail” and social media are pulling you in many different directions. So, what is the best use of your time? And, are you being productive or merely active?

Activity can, but does not always, result in productivity.  Being active is getting things done; being productive is getting the right things done.  For example, a sales rep who makes 110 calls a day but doesn’t make a sale is active but not productive.  Oftentimes people seem…

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