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Tips to Navigate Rising Insurance Premiums

Even if you haven’t submitted a claim recently, you may have had an unpleasant shock when
opening your most recent renewal invoice. As nerve wracking and frustrating as it can be to see
an unexpected uptick in your premium, it’s important to understand what is driving this increase and even more critical to know what you can do about it.

Unfortunately, along with other aspects of our financial world, auto and homeowner’s insurance
rates are being driven higher by many of the same factors. Here are several that are particularly
• Last…

Tips to Stay Safe During Summer Storms

Summer is here! And with it, thunderstorm season. Hundreds of people in the United States are injured or killed each year due to lightning. While lightning can happen any time of year, summer is a good time to review lighting facts and fallacies.

Indoor Safety

  • The safest place to be during a storm is typically indoors, but it is important to avoid anything that conducts electricity – metal, landline phones, appliances, wires, TV cables and plumbing.
  • Automobiles can be safe havens thanks to the metal frame that diverts the electrical charge. Don’t lean on the doors during a storm, though.


Don’t Let Water Catch You Off Guard

Water damage is a common issue that faces homeowners, and it has the potential to be very costly. Leaky pipes, faulty appliances and sewer backups can all wreak havoc in your home. If you aren’t properly insured, these mishaps can also wreak havoc on your bank account. It is important to be prepared before a problem strikes because once you have water damage it’s too late to make any modifications to your policy that will help your current situation.

To avoid the headache of expensive repairs and the threat of an unhealthy buildup of mold in your home, follow…

Tips for a Stress-Free Vacation

It’s summertime and for many that means vacation. Here are some tips to keep in mind when traveling.

Do Your Research in Advance – Online reviews make everything easier nowadays. Before you book time at that fancy hotel, cool restaurant, boat ride, or jungle tour, seeing what others have to say can help you make all the best choices, for just a few minutes of your time.

Minimize and Monitor Money – Everyone is afraid of losing their identity (and cash) these days. One trick to avoid this is to carry only the credit card(s) you plan to use on your…

Is Your Home Prepared for a Flood?

Did you know that your home has a greater chance of being damaged by a flood than a fire? It’s true. Flooding is one of the most common natural disasters in the United States. And many homeowners are unaware that flood-related damage is not typically covered by most homeowners insurance.

Why Should You Consider Flood Insurance?
You don’t have to be located near water to be affected by a flood – they happen everywhere. Just a few inches of water from a heavy rain storm or poor drainage could cause thousands of dollars in unexpected damage…

Are You Adequately Protected?

“Do you want to save money on your insurance?”  How many times have you been bombarded by that message? This might give you the impression that deciding what insurance coverage to buy is only about the cost, but it’s not. Insurance is about protecting your family’s financial future in case the worst happens.

This is when the experience and expertise of an independent insurance agent becomes an invaluable resource. In representing many carriers, not just one, he or she will have a broader view of the markets and see the trends that can benefit you in the long run. This…

Maintenance Tips to Protect Your Home

A home is one of life’s most important investments. Now that warm weather has finally arrived, it’s time to catch up on some maintenance to reduce the risk of a loss and help ensure the safety and well-being of friends and family. Here are some tips to keep your home safe year-round:

Inspect your smoke detectors. Make sure that there is one on each floor of your home. Test them and change the batteries at least every six months.

Check your gas grill to make sure the line fittings are tight and burners are free…

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