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Saving at Tax Time

The end of the year is upon us and just around the corner is the paper pushing and number crunching of tax season. Do you spend weeks eagerly anticipating your tax refund? When the money finally comes in, is it gone tomorrow? Many people view tax refunds as unplanned bonuses. They see the money as a gift from the government, to use for splurges or treats, but saving a portion of your tax refund provides the opportunity to improve your financial situation.

Tips to Get the Most Value from Your Tax Refund

  • Pay down your debt. Use your refund for some much…

Save As Much As You Spend This Holiday Season

Consumers are getting savvier about saving during the holiday season. According to theAnnual CFA-CUNA Holiday Spending Survey,Small-arrow-for-disclosure 32 percent of us said we’d spend less in 2013 and 33 percent of us said the same in 2014. As that number increases, the ranks of those who said they would spend more has seen an equally notable decrease. But retailers are catching on to this trend.

It was reportedSmall-arrow-for-disclosure back in August 2015, before back-to-school sales were even off the market,…

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