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How To Build an Individual Business Plan

To see success as a young sales representative in an extremely competitive industry, it is always important to stay motivated and keep pushing forward. One of the best ways to plan and execute a sales strategy is through an individual business plan.

To put it simply, an individual business plan is the roadmap that provides goals and guidelines to keep you on course. Creating this plan keeps you accountable, which helps provide the framework to succeed.  What keeps me motivated is planning on an annual basis which allows me to see where I need to be and forces me to…

The Power of the Sales Call

In a society where emailing and text messaging have become the common means of communication, our ability to effectively connect with customers on a certain level has been impacted.  This reliance on technology to communicate may have caused some of us to overlook the power of the sales call. In sales, our main objective is to satisfy a customer’s needs, desires, and issues.  There is no better way to do that than by connecting directly through a phone call. For some reason, many of us are apprehensive about picking up the phone or find it to be nerve racking,…

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