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Ace Back to School with These 5 Financial Tips

The new school year is upon us! This meaningful time of year brings all the joys of shopping for new clothes, shoes and, of course, school supplies. It is also the return of busy schedules. Ease some of the potential stress with Univest’s digital solutions. Shop with ease, save time and find some peace of mind. Here are some tips:

  • Utilize a Mobile Wallet: This easy-to-use mobile payment solution offers a faster, more secure way to pay. Simply link your Univest debit or credit cards and use the mobile wallet anywhere mobile payments are accepted….

Don’t be a Victim of Fraud this Holiday Season

Advancements in technology for keyless entry into our cars makes entering and exiting your vehicle much easier. This also brings a false sense of security and a “leave it in the car, it will be fine” mentality. As the holidays are upon us, we often find ourselves loading our car with gifts and other valuables, in addition to, our purse or wallet.

Although the holiday season is meant to bring joy and togetherness, it also brings out the Grinch. There are groups of fraudsters on the hunt for purses, wallets and anything bank related left in cars at places such…

Tips to Tackle Home Improvements this Spring

We spend several months trapped inside during the winter months due to weather and shortened daylight hours. With so much time on our hands stuck inside we often evaluate everything around our home we would like to fix or improve. Well, the time has come. Spring is here and there is no better time to begin planning your home improvements. Here are few steps to get you started:

Create a budget – Take an honest look at your finances to determine how much you can afford to spend on home improvements right now. Knowing your budget in advance can help…

Buyer Beware

In today’s market, we are all looking for the best deal. However, the steady stream of coupons, discounts and sales can lead us to make quick, irrational decisions because we think we’re getting a bargain. Just because something is reduced in price, doesn’t mean it needs to be purchased. Remember to ask yourself, do you really need that item? Would you consider purchasing it if it wasn’t on sale?

Many of us enjoy “retail therapy,” but purchasing miscellaneous things can add up quickly and leave us in shock when the bill comes next month. With the holidays approaching, we need…

Banking on the College Experience

As summer quickly passes by, former high school seniors will soon walk through a door to a new beginning – college. Along with the college experience comes increased responsibilities including living miles from home, new expenses and temptations. Here are a few tips to prepare for managing your bank account at college:

Find an account that fits your needs by asking yourself these questions:

  • How do you plan on using your account?
    • ATM withdrawals
    • PIN based purchases
  • How do you plan on accessing and managing your account?
    • Online banking
    • Mobile app
  • What additional benefits and features does your account offer?

Do You Have Spring Fever?

We’ve spent the past several months trapped inside due to cold weather and shortened daylight hours. While stuck inside, we often stare at everything around our home that we would like to fix or improve. Well, the time has come! Spring is just around the corner and there is no better time than now to begin planning your home improvements. Here are a few steps to get you started:

Determine your needs and wants – Create a list of the improvements or repairs you would like to complete and then rank those in order of priority. For example: you may…

Don’t Let Daylight Savings Get You Down

Fall has officially arrived! Personally, I love fall and everything that comes with it – changing leaves, cooler nights, picking pumpkins, enjoying the festivities of Halloween and the holidays that follow.  However, the end of daylight savings is just around the corner and the resulting shorter days can be depressing for some, but doesn’t need to be.  At Univest, we are actively involved in our communities we serve and the fall is always a very busy time for community events. Looking at our schedule packed with these great events, I was reminded of some things to keep in mind…

Are You Credit Savvy?

In today’s world, having a respectable credit score is key to many financial decisions that affect your overall purchasing power.  Credit bureaus look at several key factors when determining your credit score including, but not limited to: 


1. Your payment history: Do you have an extensive and clean history or a short history with past-due payments?


2. Age of your credit: How old are your credit accounts?


3. Credit mix:  What types of credit do you have?  Personal loans, credit cards (both retail and major credit companies), car loans, mortgage or home loans, etc.?



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