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Do I Need Insurance for a Rental Vehicle?

During the holiday season, many of us are traveling to visit family and friends and may need to rent a vehicle. A common question is if your auto insurance also covers a rental vehicle. The answer is maybe. There could be some gaps in coverage between the auto rental agreement and your Personal Auto Policy (PAP). Some things to consider are listed below:

Rental Agreement: The first item to look at is the name on the rental agreement. You need to be sure the person listed   on the agreement is a covered person on your PAP. For example, if you…

How Vacancy Can Affect Your Homeowners Policy

Did you know that a vacant or unoccupied home can result in limitations and reductions in your homeowner’s insurance? Possible scenarios such as being in the process of transitioning from one home to another or moving an older family member to a nursing facility could have an impact on coverage if the insurance company deems a home was vacant or unoccupied at the time of a loss.

Most insurance companies specifically define vacant and unoccupied, but, generally, vacancy is when there are no personal items or furniture within the dwelling while an unoccupied home has furniture present, but personal…

Sinkholes – Are You Protected?

Sinkholes are definitely a part of Pennsylvania’s geologic landscape.  Did you know that if a sinkhole were to open up beneath your home, it could cause drastic amounts of damage that would NOT be covered by your standard Pennsylvania home insurance policy? However, an endorsement is available with most insurance carriers that adds sinkhole coverage onto the policy. Premium costs vary based on your current dwelling limit and location.

What is a Sinkhole?

Sinkholes usually occur when an underground cavity created by groundwater dissolving subsurface limestone collapses. Sinkholes can have a variety of underlying causes. Some are natural and some are…

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