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The Importance of Business Basics Post-Pandemic

With high inflation and geopolitical headwinds, the economy is rebalancing, consumer spending has slowed, and business owners are getting more conservative. As rates go up, demand for loans has gone down, an intended consequence from the Fed’s efforts to slow economic activity. As a business owner, it is vital to have the right relationships in place as you navigate this environment. It can be helpful to focus on some basics such as doing business with people you trust and staying true to your values.

Do Business with People You Trust
Business and farm owners in…

Responding to Claims of Sexual Harassment

Dear HR:

One of my female employees left a handwritten note on my chair alleging sexual harassment by a male coworker. The allegations are lurid and serious. I know the accuser to be an honest, trustworthy employee. I feel like I need to take action ASAP, but am not sure where to start. What’s next?

Signed, Confused supervisor

Despite widespread attention in the media, advances in awareness and…

6 Must-Haves for Employee Engagement in a Post-Covid Era

We all know the saying, “Employees are a company’s greatest asset.” In the post-Covid era we live in today, this saying is even more relevant. Over the past two years, there has been a massive shift in the culture of the labor market which has given a great deal of power to candidates and employees instead of with the employer.

The expectations for an ideal workplace are set higher than ever and that is weighing heavily on employers. But companies who recognize this shift in the job market and understand what is expected of…

How Businesses Can Utilize Asset-Based Lending in a Slowing Economy

Although the economy has rebounded strongly from the effects of the pandemic, it has begun to overheat over the past year. This overheating of the economy has resulted in the highest levels of inflation we have seen in 40 years. In order to bring inflation back to its target levels of 2% annually, the Federal Reserve has raised interest rates over the past several months and it is expected that the Fed will continue to raise rates until inflation can be brought under control.

Increasing interest rates have historically caused the…

Recession? A Disconnect Between Data and Behavior  

With historically high employment, high wages and high consumer spending, it is hard to believe that the current economic circumstances are technically defined as recessionary. The big question is not whether the U.S. is currently in a recession – the big question is what’s coming next? Are the economy’s problems going to get worse in the coming months? Will the situation level out or possibly even improve?

Many key indicators such as high inflation, market volatility, rising interest rates and a tightening housing market point to an economy on the brink of recession. But…

Why I Joined Univest After 18 Years with Another Bank

In April, I made the move to Univest as Market President for Maryland after spending 18 years at a well-known, mid-Atlantic bank with $150-plus billion in assets. I started with that bank right out of college, went through a management development program, climbed the corporate ladder and eventually oversaw business banking in the Baltimore region.

Since deciding to leave, I often hear the question: “Why? You had a great career and you’re still young with so much opportunity.”

The answer is pretty simple: Univest offers something very different to the Baltimore market. The consolidation of community banks over the years…

Top Employee Benefits Trends in 2022

Hopefully 2022 will put the pandemic behind us. However, the impact will continue to loom large for the US workforce. The top trends impacting employee benefits are directly influenced by the COVID-19 pandemic and the “Great Resignation.” The combination of these factors makes it imperative for employers to create a strategic employee benefits package to ensure a healthier employee population and reduce employee turnover. Here are three things to consider.

1. Flexibility in how, when, and where employees do their job.

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, there…

Food, Fertilizer and Fuel: Geopolitical and Economic Issues Impacting the Ag Industry

The beginning of 2022 has seen quite a few challenges for the American economy overall and specifically the agricultural industry. Escalating inflation and interest rate hikes by the Federal Reserve have hinted at continued high costs for everything from daily expenses to business supplies and employee wages. A third wrench was thrown into the mix with the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Those two countries supply roughly 30% of global wheat exports, 20% of corn exports and more than 70% of the world supply of sunflower oil. The associated disruption has exacerbated already strained supply chains.

Small Business Owner and SBA Lender – Insight from Dan Yocum

President Franklin Roosevelt said, “When you reach the end of your rope, tie a knot and hang
on!” That is so true for small business owners—they face risks head on, overcome
insurmountable obstacles and hustle every day to make their businesses successful. The
innovation and determination of small businesses is what drives our economy forward.

In my role as an SBA Lender at Univest, I get to work with some of the most inspiring small
businesses imaginable. These are people that took a concept, invested everything they had and
work hard every day to make their dreams into reality….

Q&A with Edwin Roman, SBA Relationship Manager

In honor of Small Business Week, Edwin Roman, Vice President and SBA Relationship Manager,
provided insight from his career working with local business owners. Check out the Q&A:

Tell us about your experience working with small businesses.
I’ve spent more than 20 years working with small business owners as a banker and as a board
member of the Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. I truly enjoy and take pride in providing financing to small business owners to help them accomplish their goals. It’s special knowing that, with the support of…

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