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Maximize Your Banker

As a business owner you’re constantly being pulled in many directions. Determining who and what deserves the biggest slice of your “time pie” can be challenging. Obviously, there are certain times when your banker is very important – when you need financing to expand or a short-term loan for a last minute opportunity are a couple examples. However, most business owners generally consider their banker to be no more important than their customers or vendors.

If you only consider your banker a partner when you need an assist with financing, you may be missing out on help with your…

What Is A Business Credit Score?

Thirty years ago if you were to ask someone what their credit score was, they’d probably look dumbfounded or they might think you were asking them some sort of trick question. Today, many people not only know their approximate credit score, but they probably have a pretty good idea how it is calculated. Most are aware that if you apply for personal credit such as a home mortgage, auto loan, or credit card, the lender will obtain a copy of your credit report. They will then use your credit score as a factor in determining whether you qualify for…

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