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Offering Value to Our Customers

The key to keeping current clients is to continuously provide value. In addition, to secure new customers, you need to prove the worth of your product or service. Below are some effective and productive ways to offer value to customers and prospects.

Offer Multiple Product Options
Providing a diverse range of solutions allows you to serve a variety of customers and potentially serve the same customer in several ways throughout your relationship. For example, at Univest Capital we offer leasing, equipment finance agreements and working capital to meet a range of needs.

Educating both potential and current customers as well as vendors…

Five Tips to Master the Cold Call

First impressions are “make or break” in the business world. Even with the advent of selling through social media, cold calling is an essential part of any business development plan. Cold calling new prospects sets the tone and foundation for developing long-lasting, rewarding business relationships. Done correctly, cold calling can be empowering and effective. The following are key cold calling tips to build a rapport and establish equity with potential customers:

  • A Positive Outlook – The majority of sales professionals view cold calling as boring, monotonous and unpleasant. No one is going to waste valuable time during his or…
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