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Online Scams – Don’t Fall For Them

As the year winds down, and the holidays approach, fraudsters are gearing up for a busy season. The 2016 Identity Fraud Study, released by Javelin Strategy & Research, found that $15 billion was stolen from 13.1 million U.S. consumers in 2015. Unfortunately, these days there seems to be a new scam popping up every day. Here is a quick list of the most common ones and how to avoid them:

Online Fraud – Auction fraud is one of the most common ways fraudsters are using the Internet to defraud people. This type of scheme often involves either a seller failing…

Tips to Protect Your Device from Hackers

Phishing continues to be the most common way for attackers to gain access to your device. Phishing can be done in many forms, most commonly through email. However, the sudden rise of popular games on mobile devices, like Pokémon Go, has given the attackers the opportunity to take advantage of unsuspecting users in new ways.

For phishing to occur in an application, a compromised version of an otherwise safe and well known application will be hosted on a site other than the major distributor of the app (iTunes, Google Play). Once installed, the application will take advantage of a vulnerability…

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