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What Changes to Obamacare Could Mean for Employee Benefits

In the midst of the national debate surrounding what will happen next with the proposed replacement of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), there are some key trends that have emerged regarding the options and strategies that all employers face at benefits renewal time each year.

As the benefits industry braces itself for inevitable changes, there is certainly a feeling of uncertainty. Employers and advisors who embrace change and have strategies that incorporate these emerging trends will be prepared regardless of what happens next. Any employer offering health benefits plans should be aware of these key topics:

American Health Care Act: The…

Why We Need Transparency to Combat Rising Healthcare Costs

Have you ever paid more than $20,000 for a service without knowing the price before buying? Sounds crazy, but this is exactly what happened when I needed to spend two nights in a hospital in 2010. And, it happens constantly when it comes to healthcare. Many thought the inception of Health Savings Accounts in 2004 would lead to consumerism in the healthcare industry, including pricing transparency, but change has been slow.

With nearly all non-healthcare purchases, even insured, higher-ticket items like cars or houses, the price is transparent. Not so in the healthcare economy. I spent two nights in a…

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