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What You Should Expect from an Insurance Agent

Whether you use the term agent, broker or consultant, all refer to a licensed insurance professional. It goes without saying that your agent should provide necessary certificates of insurance, return phone calls promptly and begin the renewal process at least 60-90 days in advance so changes to your company’s operations, exposures and payroll can be discussed.

In addition, your insurance consultant should be devoted to providing personalized service that is unique to your business and beneficial to your bottom-line. Beyond the bare necessities, look for an agent who provides additional services, such as:

Liability and Workers Compensation Audits: Your agent should…

Warning: Insurance Agent Tactics

When we’re deciding between two similar items, it is wise to compare their costs and benefits side by side to make the best choice. Unfortunately, some people falsify information or misrepresent their product or service to make it look or sound better than the other. I think we’ve all purchased services or items that weren’t what they initially appeared.

Regrettably, this is also true in the world of insurance. Some insurance agents may use tactics in an effort to block their competition, protect their own interest or paint a false picture. Below are some tactics you should be aware of…

Insurance – Shopping, Strategy & Sabotage

It is important to shop commercial insurance and there are many reasons to do so, the most common being to control expenses and improve coverages. However, it is necessary to develop a strategy in advance to avoid pitfalls. Planning your approach will help ensure you are maximizing your efforts, meeting your objectives and are not sabotaged by an agent. Here are guidelines to create your plan.

When to Shop: Shopping your insurance policies is not something that should be viewed as an annual routine, but rather as part of a larger strategy. Your strategy should be focused on maximizing your…

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