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Improve Business through Community Service

One of the reasons I was attracted to working for Univest is its dedication to the community. Not only does it make financial contributions, employees are strongly encouraged to give back to the community and are even rewarded with extra paid time off to do so.

Serving the community is the right thing to do and it also makes sense from a business standpoint. Companies that encourage community involvement reap many benefits:

  • More fulfilled employees. That fulfillment creates a sense of pride which spills into the work day.
  • Improved team building. Working outside of the office on a community service…

Tips for Having Difficult Conversations

Is there a conversation you are anxious about having or maybe even delaying? Perhaps it’s because the issue is sensitive, requires giving or receiving negative constructive feedback, or includes asking someone for help. Maybe the conversation evokes emotion, like anger or frustration. It might involve how you feel about yourself or how others see you. By definition, these are difficult conversations and most of us struggle to know how we should approach them.

Navigating a difficult conversation begins with a shift in our mindset. We typically think we know what happened and want the other person to agree with us…

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