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Want to Win More Sales? Lead with a Payment Option

Purchasing needed equipment for your business can be tough. While improved equipment can cut costs, increase sales and help create a healthier bottom line, strict budgetary constraints make it difficult for business owners, both small and large, to buy or upgrade equipment that will allow their companies to operate more efficiently.

A great way to avoid budgetary objections is to lead with a monthly payment option. It’s simple, if you make your equipment easier to purchase, more people will buy it. Even though it is necessary for their business, owners are often nervous about spending tens of thousands of dollars…

Why Businesses Need to Offer Financing

According to a 2015 study done by the National Small Business Association, 73% of small businesses used financing over the course of 12 months. One area businesses frequently need financing is for equipment. A huge cash outlay for a new machine, vehicle or technological device is often times not in a small business’s budget. Here are a few reasons why it is beneficial to offer financing:

Stay Competitive and Increase Sales. Many equipment suppliers have partnerships with banks and equipment financing companies to help their customers purchase their equipment. In fact, the 2016 Survey of Equipment Finance Activity found that…

Don’t Buy It, Lease It

Looking to acquire much needed equipment for your company? Whether you need office furniture, medical equipment, a new security system, or vehicles, you want to make cost effective buying decisions. Leasing equipment instead of buying the equipment outright can be a smart, cost-conscious decision that benefits your business tremendously. Below are five benefits of leasing equipment:

  • Cash is KING. The majority of small businesses are cash sensitive. Leasing allows these companies to preserve their cash as they avoid having to pay a large cash expense (balancing cash outflow). Instead of waiting until next year when your budget isn’t as…
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