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Improve the Performance Management Process

It’s finally happening! Many organizations are beginning to have honest conversations about the adversities surrounding the annual performance review cycle.  The conventional methods of performance management are inefficient, complex and create inconsistencies across the business so the process is, more often than not, perceived as unfair.

The conventional method is very time consuming and less effective when compared to some of the new trends we are seeing out there. Consider your performance management process:

  • How long does it take the employee to complete the self-assessment?
  • How long does it take the manager to complete the final review?
  • How long does…

Why the Annual Review Process is Broken

Ineffective, inaccurate, time consuming, unfair – these words are often associated with the annual performance review cycle. Unfortunately, many companies struggle with these and other glitches caused by conventional performance management strategies.

The first issue is that the conventional method of performance management insinuates that managers only need to speak with their employees about their performance one time per year. The negative consequences of this are endless. With such a time lapse, the employee and the manager often have two glaringly different perspectives of the individual’s performance. If I’m working all year on a project and have received no feedback…

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