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Back To School Financial Tips

As fall approaches, the days begin to get shorter, the nights get cooler and parental priorities shift towards the upcoming school year. Whether you have a child heading off to college or just starting elementary school, financial literacy is a very important part of the education process. Below are some financial tips for students of all ages.

Tips for the college student

  • Effective Budgeting – Sit down and plan out what weekly/monthly bills your student will have. This will ensure that they know how much disposable income they have for “fun” purchases each week.
  • Plan Purchases – Build larger item…

Banking on the College Experience

As summer quickly passes by, former high school seniors will soon walk through a door to a new beginning – college. Along with the college experience comes increased responsibilities including living miles from home, new expenses and temptations. Here are a few tips to prepare for managing your bank account at college:

Find an account that fits your needs by asking yourself these questions:

  • How do you plan on using your account?
    • ATM withdrawals
    • PIN based purchases
  • How do you plan on accessing and managing your account?
    • Online banking
    • Mobile app
  • What additional benefits and features does your account offer?

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